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Oxnard Property Management

Oxnard is a great place to buy rental property in a coastal community.  Did you just buy your first rental or add to your residential income portfolio?  Self management should be easy, right? Buy some rental property in Oxnard, rent the property to a quality tenant (who pays the rent on time), and sit back and enjoy the benefits of your investment- tax breaks, an appreciating asset, and positive cash flow. But self property management isn’t always simple. Sometimes the residents don’t pay the rent (on time or otherwise) or worse, they damage your property. Then there are complaints, the “Midnight phone calls” for repairs, and trying to find an Oxnard plumber at 2:00 am. And don’t forget the administrative headaches–record keeping, collections, evictions and finding reliable vendors in Oxnard.  Let us know if  you would like Esquire Property Management to manage your Oxnard rental and handle any Oxnard Property Management issues.

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