Tenant FAQs: Your Resource for Quick Answers

If this is a Maintenance Emergency, please call (805) 482-3209

Try removing the aerator from the end of the faucet spout and cleaning out the debris. Or are the water supply valves under the sink turned on? Or is the Main water valve outside turned on?

Did you try removing excess amounts of food from the garbage disposal?

Removing strands of hair that might have become tangled around the drain guard or the pop-up stopper? If you use a drain cleaner, please use the liquid and NOT the crystal type. The crystal type can harden in the drain and/or react with the industrial drain cleaner used by the servicemen. Also, always tell your serviceman if you had tried ANY drain cleaners before he was called.

Check the toilet trip lever assembly inside the toilet tank. Is it intact? Or make sure the water supply valve is completely turned on? DON'T put the foreign matter in the toilet, i.e., sanitary napkins, tampons, or disposable diapers. These should not be flushed down toilets, and if found by servicemen, the TENANT will pay for the service call.

WITH THE DISPOSAL IN THE OFF POSITION & UNPLUGGED, remove any foreign objects, nails, hairpins, pop tops, and /or undisposed food from the blade area, then engage the RESET button on the body of the disposal. NEVER put fibrous fruit or vegetables, such as celery, banana skins, rhubarb, artichokes, or bones, into disposal. You may also try sticking in a broom handle to dislodge the blades from hardened food, using the handle as leverage to manually spin the blades. Unjamming garbage disposal is something that comes inherent with the appliance. They all have a function to shut off, much like a circuit breaker, when they are jammed to the point of completely stalling the motor. This is to prevent motor burnout. They also are designed, so anyone can dislodge whatever is inhibiting operation. Underneath every unit is a hex-head slot–the Allen key will work just as well. Use the Allen key/wrench to spin the blades from the slot underneath the unit until the blades seem to move freely. Press the reset button to see if you dislodged the obstruction.

Removing any objects (utensils, broken glass, foodstuffs, etc.) that might have fallen into the area under the spray bar at the bottom of the machine (especially PAPER)? Or making sure the controls are correctly set? NOTE: the dishes, glasses, and utensils should ALWAYS be rinsed well before loading them into the machine. If a glass is broken in the machine, always remove ALL glass before starting again.

Switching the circuit breaker first to the OFF position and then back to the ON position? If you have had to reset the same circuit breaker several times, or it won't come on, you may have too many items running on the circuit, turn them off and try again. Please tell the serviceman about this.

Making sure the thermostat is set for the desired operation. Did you check to be sure it is on "AUTOMATIC" – NOT JUST "ON?" (If it is set to "ON," the fan will run, but there will be no heat or cooling.) If the unit has a reset button, is it tripped? Check the circuit breaker to see if it is tripped. (See previous item – "Circuit Breaker" – too many things running at once?)

Resetting the GFCI outlets normally found in bathrooms, kitchens, or garages? If a GFCI outlet is tripped, it might affect outlets in adjacent rooms if they were piggybacked from that GFCI outlet, which needs to be reset.

Instructions on how to reset a GFCI Outlet:

  • Turn off any appliances plugged into the GFCI breaker. This ensures no appliance damage when re-engaging the circuit.
  • Locate the button next to the "Test" button that says "Reset" on it, and press it.
  • Turn the appliances back on to ensure the outlet works.
  • If a problem persists, then make sure to call Esquire Property Management, and we will create a work order for an electrician to diagnose the problem.

Make sure all controls are properly set. Is the circuit breaker tripped? ALL Air Conditioners (central and room models) and ALL central furnaces have air flow FILTERS. Make sure the FILTER IS KEPT CLEAN BY CHANGING the disposable type or cleaning the washable type MONTHLY.

Checking to see if the Pilot Light was lit. Relighting the Pilot Light? (If you do relight the Pilot Light – be sure to follow the instructions on the appliance) If you smell gas, DO NOT attempt to relight the Pilot Light!