Maria Swankosky

Maria Swankosky

Office Manager

What’s most impressive about Maria and her role as “office manager” at Esquire Property Management, is not so much her extensive managerial background, but it’s her fundamental management philosophy: “Treat people the way you’d like to be treated.” It’s hard to imagine any office authority drawing on the Golden Rule for guidance, but Maria is one of the reasons why Esquire Property Management is such a fast growing property management company in Ventura County.

Maria’s background in management is marked by 24 years of loyalty to a single company, where she resided as district sales manager for a prominent national company. Managing 15 divisions, and interacting with thousands of customers along the way, Maria has seen first-hand the power of building lasting relationships with customers. By giving her undivided attention to customers, and serving them in a spirit of warmth and care, she is spearheading the Esquire office into viewing each and every customer as an opportunity to create a lifetime loyal relationship.

When she’s not managing the affairs of the Esquire office, Maria can be found enjoying her passion for photography, or spending time with her family.

You can contact Maria for general Esquire questions or if you have any managerial related issues, such as compliments, positive reviews, areas of improvement or complaints.

  • You have a management related issue
  • Liason between landlords, tenants, staff or vendors
  • You have general questions or suggestions

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