Monica Valdez

Monica Valdez

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Sometimes at Esquire, the talents of a single employee cannot be confined to just one department. Their expertise, education, work ethic and assets move them beyond the bounds of a single discipline and into a state of overseeing many different office territories.

Monica Valdez is such a person. Donning the hat of Senior Accounting Associate and being well-versed in the real-estate industry since 2004, Monica works closely with Esquire’s property managers.

For Monica, understanding the needs of a client are what drives her to excellence. Her work is constantly informed by assessing the needs of every Esquire customer and then creating convenient solutions for all parties involved. Monica’s Bachelor’s Degree, from UC Santa Barbara, along with her subsequent professional background in counseling provides her with a unique gift of patience and articulation, allowing her to explain both Esquire policies and financials in such a way which is clear and easy to understand by Esquire customers.

Outside of the Esquire, Monica is an avid traveler, documentary film connoisseur, and outdoor enthusiast.

Please contact Monica if you have any questions concerning Esquire’s financial or billing policy.

  • Accounting Questions
  • Landlord Draws
  • Rent Collection
  • Monthly Statements
  • Holding/Security Deposits

Security Deposit disputes: Please note, if you’re an Esquire tenant and have a dispute about your security deposit, please contact Veronica, Carol, Janet or Natasha Malagon, as they are responsible for Esquire’s itemized move-out inspections. Thank you!

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*Please note: all non-emergency work orders & maintenance requests must be submitted in writing via the Tenant Portal, email, fax, or snail-mail.

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